I want to start using cloth diapers but where do I start?
That depends on a number of factors: how many children you are diapering at the same time, if you are diapering a newborn, will you be cloth diapering exclusively or using a mix or cloth and disposables?, how often do you plan to wash? and what is your main priority for cloth diapering (i.e. budget, convenience, style).

Your answers to these questions will help determine how much and what type of diapers and diaper products you will need. Our Planet Baby Starter Packages offers the best value and includes the essentials of cloth diapering products to get you starter
How many cloth diapers should I buy? and what else do I need?
Infants typically soil 10-12 diapers per day. Depending on how saturated the cloth diaper becomes, you may be able to change only the insert for a couple of those diaper changes. Therefore we would recommend no less than 12 to 18 diapers as a good starting number.

However, babies generate a considerable amount of laundry so if you do not wish to launder the diapers every day, an ideal starting package would be 18 to 24 cloth diapers with double the amount of inserts. Additionally, laundering is much more effective for cloth diapers if the washer is fairly full (the friction created by the diapers rubbing on each other aids with the laundering process), so washing every second or third day usually provides optimal results.Our Planet Baby Starter Packages offers the best value and includes the essentials of cloth diapering products to get you starter.
What do I need to do before I start using my Planet Baby cloth diapers?
All diapering products should be pre-washed at least once prior to use. Bamboo inserts should be washed a few times on hot and dried once on hot to ensure optimal absorbency.

To facilitate the removal of any solids, we suggest Planet Baby Disposable Diaper Liners.

After you receive your diaper package, we always recommend washing and trying a couple diapers first before washing them all.
What kind of cloth diapers do you offer?
Our diapers are all-in-two with a pocket cloth diapers. The Easy Fit diapers are made from quality materials and have suede inner lining. They can be used with our disposable liners and have a pocket for the option to either stuff the insert in the pocket or place it on top of the diaper lining.

Diaper features:
• the suede diaper liner has double gusset design, which provides an added protection to prevent leakages
• A snap-on insert feature, the inserts that are included have a snap to better secure the insert and keep it in place.
• Double rows of front snaps for additional hold and protection and beautiful stylish look
What are your diapers made of?
The inner lining of our diapers are made from suede and the outer layer is waterproof PUL (poly urethane laminate) which is a fabric that has had laminate applied to the back. It is waterproof, not bulky and easy to care for.

Planet Baby Cloth Diaper Inserts are made of 4-layers – two outside bamboo layers and two inside microfiber layers. They are much more absorbent than regular flannel and dries much faster. These inserts are soft, super absorbent and very easy to clean and dry.
What are the benefits of cloth diapers?
There are so many reasons to you should choose to use cloth diapers for your baby. Aside from being soft on your baby’s delicate skin, cloth diapers are also free of the numerous chemicals that are contained in disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are better for the environment. Instead of adding to our landfills, cloth diapers are recycled and used over and over again. This not only saves the environment but also substantial sums of money when it comes to your pocketbook. Read more here about the benefits of cloth diapers.
What are the benefits of bamboo cloth diapers?
Bamboo Cloth Diapers provide numerous benefits to your baby. Bamboo is hypoallergenic and softer than cotton that makes it favorable for sensitive skin of babies. Along with that, it is a naturally organic material; no pesticides/herbicides are involved in its growth, so there’s no danger of chemical substances coming in contact with your child’s vulnerable skin. Bamboo is known for its elasticity and less bulky nature and is quite absorbent too; it absorbs 70% more water than cotton and quickly wicks moisture away from the baby’s skin. Other than that, Bamboo is breathable, possesses insulating properties, and is antimicrobial and antibacterial in nature too. Read more here about the benefits of bamboo diapers
Are there different sizes/how to make them fit or adjust the size?
Planet Baby diapers are one size fits all, meaning you will only need to buy diapers once for the whole time you are diapering your baby. Our diapers are built with four size settings that fit babies from birth through potty training (8lbs-35lbs).

The diapers are made with multiple snaps to adjust for rise and width to ensure that an optimal fit can be achieved for any baby. Depending on the size of your baby you will use the snaps that are closer together or further apart, you will just have to try the different snaps and see which ones fit best for your baby at that point in time.
Why choose Planet Baby cloth diapers compared to other brands?
At Planet Baby we make beautiful All-in-Two Cloth Diapers and other eco-chic baby products because we simply believe that babies deserve better. When we had our baby we found that the market was lacking exactly what we needed and decided to make cloth diaper shopping easier and offer parents a cloth diaper built around quality, affordability and using a safe eco-friendly design. We promise to you that we will only use top rate, eco-friendly materials in every product we sell.
Where are your cloth diapers made?
Planet Baby diapers are designed and assembled in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.The diapers are manufactured in Hong Kong, China at a reputable and regularly inspected facility that conducts strict guidelines and check to ensure the production of the highest quality products. We work continuously with our partners overseas to ensure clean, safe, responsible, fair-wage manufacturing.

Our products are thoroughly tested in Canada prior to production. Our quality-control and packing operation is done locally at our Ottawa headquarters in Canada. Each piece is carefully examined and packaged by hand.
Where are your cloth diapers sold?
We sell our diapers and products on our website, amazon.ca, and other baby shops across Canada.
How long will it take to get my order?
Orders are processed and shipped within 1-3 business days directly from our Canadian operations in Ottawa, Ontario.