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Benefits of Cloth Diapers

on April 26, 2019

Cloth diapers are made of organic and natural fibers and allow more air flow and fewer problems with rash. Disposable diapers can contain chemicals that can cause rash, health problems, and allow poor temperature regulation for baby boys. Before discussing the complete pros of Cloth Diapers, here is some background  information.

Cloth diapers have been around for many years. But before diapers have been invented, mothers all around the globe have been haunted with the difficulties of taking care of a baby since cloth diapers weren't a very convenient choice. In the 60's, disposable diapers were developed; consequentially, the market share of cloth diapers dropped quite significantly. It was considered a good thing back then, however, it was in the coming years that its drawbacks became apparent to the world. Disposable diapers, despite being easy to use, were contributing towards the destruction of the world by increasing the account of waste.

Garbage landfills are flooded with these diapers and further studies suggested that these make up 2% of the municipal waste. Now all the mothers out there wouldn't want to be charged as guilty for contributing towards pollution at such a level, right? Thus, in order to control this situation, manufacturers came up with the idea of developing eco-friendly diapers. Voila!

Cloth Diapers to the world. All hail to the masterminds that are responsible for such practical creations. We truly believe that each family acting on small changes can make a big difference and the choices we make today for our children will have long term impacts on their future. We chose cloth diapers for our children, and we are very happy with our decisions, and now we share its benefits! Here are some reasons why we believe using Planet Baby Cloth Diapers can benefit families everywhere and provide you with much more rewarding experience and benefits than disposable diapers.

Advantages of Using Cloth Diapers

There are so many reasons to you should choose to use cloth diapers for your baby. Aside from being soft on your baby’s delicate skin, cloth diapers are also free of the numerous chemicals that are contained in disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are better for the environment. Instead of adding to our landfills, cloth diapers are recycled and used over and over again. This not only saves the environment but also substantial sums of money when it comes to your pocketbook.

Cloth Diapers are Easy and Less Mess

The waterproof material is built right into the outer layer of the diaper cover and snap-in make it even easier. Cloth diapers are easy to use and you can purchase flushable liners to deal with the poop.


Cloth diapers are much less expensive than disposable diapers. In fact, you can actually spend only a third of your expenses for when you use disposable diapers. Since cloth diapers are reusable, your cloth diaper purchase can last. They are very cost effective.

Cloth Diapers are Healthier for your Baby, Soft & Comfortable

Planet Baby Cloth Diapers are made out of soft, breathable absorbent material with double snaps, for snug fit, double gussets, to prevent leakages, and come with same number of Bamboo inserts that can be snapped in place to ensure they don’t move. The inner lining of the diaper is made from suede cloth to allow moisture to get drawn away to the insert keeping your baby preventing diaper rashes and the outer layer is waterproof PUL. Another savings advantage, babies that use cloth diapers tend to potty train earlier because they notice the diaper wetness.

Proper waste treatment

Even if you use disposable diapers you should still be emptying any solids in the toilet. Our landfills were not meant for solid human waste. It can leak into the ground water and spread all types of viruses. With cloth the solids end up in the toilet and down the drain where they are properly managed at water treatment facilities.

Beautiful stylish diaper designs with lots of Colorful options

Planet Baby Cloth diapers are offered in many colors and designs. They are All-In-Twos (AI2s) premium reusable diaper and one size fits all. Each diaper comes with a snap 4-layer 100% bamboo ultra-absorbent insert, that can be snapped in place, minimizing the chance of leakage. Our promise at Planet Baby is to provide products that are safe, high quality, and environmentally friendly. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to! We believe in our products and stand behind them 100%. Try our products and you will quickly see why cloth diapering with Planet Baby is a rewarding investment- for your baby’s health, economically, and for the planet.

We have set ourselves apart from other cloth diaper brands by designing and manufacturing high-quality cloth diapers offered at affordable prices. Our customers appreciate this uncompromising quality, as well as our unique designs, and stylish colors.

Our diapers are designed for your baby’s health in mind by allowing your baby’s skin to breath without any chemicals, perfumes or toxins contained in disposable diapers.

Cloth Diapers Cost vs Disposable Diapers

Using cloth diapers can add up to a huge amount of savings. On average it will cost $2500-$3500 to diaper one child in disposable diapers from birth to potty training.  Although the initial upfront cost for cloth diapers may be more you can save thousands of dollars especially if you’re using your diapers on more than one child. You could get started in cloth diapers for as little as $300. You’ll not only save money on the actual diapers but on gas used to drive to the store and the savings for a decrease in garbage (we were paying extra each week). Plus you can sell your diapers for as much as 60% of your initial investment once you are done diapering. Cloth diapers also help in preventing diaper rash. Since cloth diapers are not as absorbent as disposable diapers, you tend to change your baby’s diaper more often.

This gives your baby enough “breathing time” in between diaper changes. It will definitely make your baby’s skin a lot healthier. At the same time, you can also avoid any of the seeming dangers of the chemicals and gels found in disposable diapers. Though no definitive studies have been released yet, using cloth diapers will give you peace of mind, as you minimize contact between your baby and potentially harmful chemicals from disposable diapers.

More over, cloth diapers are helpful in preparing your bundle of joy to be potty-trained. Sometimes, because disposable diapers rarely make them feel wet, babies tend to be content with wearing wet diapers. With cloth diapers, you can easily motivate them to go to the toilet, so they can avoid the uncomfortable wet feeling.

Baby’s Sensitive Skin, Dryness and Rash

Advantages of using cloth diapers on baby sensitive skin

The most common reason for diaper rash is excessive moisture against the baby's sensitive skin. Newborns should be changed every hour and older babies every 1-2 hours, no matter what kind of diaper they are wearing. Older babies should be changed every three to four hours on average. It is reported that at least fifty percent of all babies will show signs of a rash at least once during their years of wearing a diaper. It is crucial to take note that diaper rash was extremely uncommon before the use of rubber or plastic pants that came about during the 1940s. Disposable diapers are known for containing traces of Dioxin which is an extremely toxic by product of a paper bleaching process.

This Dioxin is a carcinogenic chemical that is listed by the EPA as the most toxic of all the chemicals which are linked to cancer. Most countries have in turn banned the chemical. However, some still allow it such as the United States. With all of the harsh and dangerous chemicals that are found in disposable diapers such as sodium polycrylate and TBT, parents can rest much safer with the comforts that cloth diapers bring them and baby.

Using cloth diapers will require an adjustment period as you cannot just throw away your cloth diaper. You have to store them in your diaper bucket or a cloth diaper wet bag and launder them eventually. As a result, you tend to do the laundry more frequently.

Many parents tend to keep a balanced approach between cloth diapers and disposables for their baby. 

Many products are available as an alternative to chemically laden baby wipes. Our baby bamboo soft wash wipes are gentle and environmentally friendly way to clean your baby’s bottom, without all those nasty chemicals. Use the wipes with water. You can’t get any more natural.

Disposable Diapers and the Environment

According to the Real Diaper Association, ninety two percent of all disposable diapers will in fact end up in a landfill. During the year 1988 alone, nearly three hundred million dollars was spent in order to discard of disposable diapers. In contrast, cotton diapers are generally reused fifty to two hundred times before being converted into rags. The length of time that it takes for a disposable diaper to decompose is still unknown. However, estimates are reported to be around two hundred fifty to five hundred years!

With disposable diapers being the third largest single consumer item in landfills, they represent around four percent of solid waste. In households that support a child in disposable diapers, the diapers typically make up about fifty percent of the home’s overall waste. In order to better preserve our planet for not only your children but also your grandchildren and so on, cloth diapers are the better option for your baby and for the environment.

The most important advantage of cloth diapers – it is environment friendly. It has been said that disposable diapers contribute to almost 3.4 million tons of land fill waste, annually. That is a staggering amount, considering that disposable diapers don’t actually decompose. By using cloth diapers, you are not contributing to this alarming number, and you are able to help the environment in your own way. Whatever you do decide to use, just take into the consideration the long-term effects of using disposable diapers. It may be convenient for you, but your decision today impacts today's environment and your baby's future.

Choose wisely for your future and your baby’s too. Billions of disposable diapers are sent to the landfill each year and they can take hundreds of years to break down. An average baby uses somewhere between 5000-8000 disposable diapers. Every diaper saved from the landfill counts. (We reduced our weekly garbage by more than 1 whole bag by switching to cloth diapers).

Disposables also use a huge amount of non-renewable resources, energy and water just to manufacture them, creating a huge carbon footprint. Many cloth diaper fabrics are made from easily renewable resources including hemp, bamboo, and cotton.

Check out our reusable pocket all-in-two cloth diaper collection. Planet Baby cloth diapers come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Learn more about us and our story.   We use top rated, eco-friendly materials in every product we sell. Our diapers can be adjusted for use throughout the diapering years and are offered at an affordable price. Our selection of modern diapers is the ultimate combination of eco-friendly convenience.


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