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Cloth Diapers Bundles
Cloth Diapers Bundles
Cloth Diapers Bundles
Cloth Diapers Bundles
Cloth Diapers Bundles
Cloth Diapers Bundles
Cloth Diapers Bundles
Cloth Diapers Bundles
Cloth Diapers Bundles
Cloth Diapers Bundles
Cloth Diapers Bundles

    Cloth Diapers Bundles

    $60.00 CAD $75.00 CAD

      Diaper Packages Includes

      • Your choice of All-in-Two diaper collection option and quantity. 
      • Diapers are one size adjustable with snaps. They're non-bulky and have 4 size settings to fit babies weighing between 10lbs-35lbs.
      • All our inserts (soaker pad) are made from 4-layer bamboo ultra-absorbent material, that can be snapped in place to minimize leakage.
      • Most full-time cloth diapering parents will need 18 to 24 diapers and double the number of inserts. It all depends on how often you like to do laundry.  


      The Diapers 

      Planet Baby Pocket All-In-Two diapers are simple and soft. They’re eco-friendly. The shells can be worn two or three times before you have to wash them. They’re the most flexible cloth diaper system. Hybrid cloth diapers are a perfect long-term cloth diaper choice for modern parents.

      Our hybrid system is as simple as you can get. It’s also flexible since it works for all your morning, nighttime, and travel needs. Hybrid cloth diapers are also easy to put on and take off. Simply secure the bamboo insert with the snap to the waterproof outer shell, and then fasten the diaper to your baby. When your baby is wet, undo the cloth diaper, easily remove the insert, and replace it with a new one. You can do that a few times—and switch up the soaker type if you want—until you need to wash the hybrid shell your baby is wearing. 

      The outer layer of water-resistant polyester PUL is lined with polyester microfiber that is moisture-wicking fabric keeping your baby dry and preventing diaper rashes. A double gusset prevents leaks while 2 hip snaps eliminate "wing droop". Fashionable square wings feature square tabs with double rows of coordinating snaps for a trim fit around hips and newborn tummies.

      • Eco Reusable Cloth Diapers - As a parent, you want to give your baby the best but do your bit for the environment too. These cloth diapers are cleverly designed to keep baby dry while preserving the planet for when he's old enough to explore it!
      • Ultra-Absorbent Removable Inserts - Our reusable diapers have bamboo inserts that snap in place to minimize leaks, even when babies are on the move. With 2 bamboo layers and 2 microfiber layers, these inserts are more absorbent and faster drying than flannel. Dual openings in the diaper pocket make it easy to get the insert in and out.
      • Breathable & Skin Friendly - Unlike disposable diapers, our baby-safe pocket diapers contain no chemicals, perfumes or toxins. They wick away moisture to keep baby's skin protected against wetness and diaper rash. The outer fabric of the diaper covers is 100% water-resistant polyester PUL
      • Adjust the Snaps to Fit - Convenient and cost-saving, these one size cloth diapers will see baby through birth to the potty training stage! They're non-bulky and have 4 size settings to fit babies weighing 8lbs-35lbs. Diaper measurement is 15” in length X 13” in width.
      • The Right Choice for Babies & the Planet - Protection for baby's skin with our exclusive design and premium fabric. Peace of mind for parents with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Planet Baby believes babies deserve better; if you agree, purchase your All-in-Two Cloth Diapers! 




      The Inserts 

      Ultra-absorbent 4-layered fabric inserts are machine washable and dryer safe to save busy parents time and hassle.


      Baby Skin Care 

      Planet Baby diaper baby balm, Protects & Treats Diaper Rash. Handmade in Canada from organic ingredients and 100% natural ingredient. 


      Baby Laundry Detergents 

      Our preferred choice for baby laundry detergent is Tru Earth Baby Eco-Strips. Each pack is ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly cleaning power into a tiny, pre-measured strip of detergent that you just toss in the wash. Its low-sudsing formula works in all types of washing machines, including high-efficiency (HE).


      Laundry Dryer Wool Balls (100% Canadian Wool)

      Save energy and dry your laundry up to 50% faster. Colours will not bleed or fade. We recommend ULAT Dryer Balls as a natural and non-fragrant alternative to using chemically-laden commercial dryer sheets. Wool dryer balls work best on natural fibres, such as linen, cotton, hemp and bamboo. The unique design also maximizes efficiency so you can dry your clothes better. Made with 100% premium Canadian wool. Natural colour dryer balls are completely compostable! Each set comes with three large dryer balls.  


      Diaper Care 

      Snap insert in place, and snap flaps just like disposable diapers, adjust to ensure a snug fit on your baby. For complete instructions, please review our recommended Diaper Care information.

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