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ULAT Wool Dryer Balls – Set of 3
ULAT Wool Dryer Balls – Set of 3
ULAT Wool Dryer Balls – Set of 3
ULAT Wool Dryer Balls – Set of 3
ULAT Wool Dryer Balls – Set of 3
ULAT Wool Dryer Balls – Set of 3
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    ULAT Wool Dryer Balls – Set of 3

    $30.00 CAD

      Set of 3 Large Premium Wool Dryer Balls—in Natural Grey or a surprise mix of subtle colours. Save energy and dry your laundry up to 50% faster. Colours will not bleed or fade.

      ULAT Dryer Balls are a natural and non-fragrant alternative to using chemically-laden commercial dryer sheets. The unique design also maximizes efficiency so you can dry your clothes better.

      Each wool dryer ball is made with 100% Canadian premium wool is completely handmade. Canadian sheep deal with extreme temperatures and produce an abundance of buoyant soft wool, which is ideal to make our unique method of wool dryer balls. 


      How To Use

      • Simply put all three balls in your dryer along with your washed clothes and turn on the machine.
      • To naturally scent your clothes, simply add your choice of pure essential oils to each dryer ball. 

      Materials & Care

      • Made with 100% premium Canadian wool.
      • Natural colour dryer balls are completely compostable!
      • Surprise colours dryer balls do not bleed or fade, making them easy to find in your dryer’s load.

      Why you Should Use Dryer Balls

      • ULAT Dryer Balls can decrease the amount of electricity needed for each dryer load.
      • They do not harbour bacteria and so are safe for people with sensitive skin. In fact, this is we are a great product for cloth diapers and towels.
      • Each ball has an average weight and dimension of 2 ounces; all three balls are to be used together in each natural fibre dryer load. This allows for even absorption and balance in your dryer’s drum.
      • No animals were harmed in any process of making our wool as muling is illegal in Canada. We only source our premium Canadian wool from ethical and humane sheep farmers. Each new ball is made from new material.

      Do dryer balls work with synthetic or non-natural fibers?

      Wool dryer balls work best on natural fibres, such as linen, cotton, hemp and bamboo. This is because synthetics cling and pull the wool fibres from the dryer balls, causing lint and in some cases static. This isn’t harmful but can reduce the lifespan of your ULAT Dryer Balls.

      In general, manufacturers recommend that synthetic products be hung to dry, as the heat from the dryer can break down the elasticity of non-natural fibres, decreasing their longevity. They also suggest this to eliminate pilling which can be caused during the drying cycle when tumbling with natural fibres.

      We recommend you read each label as a surprising number of clothes contain non-natural or synthetic materials.

      Dryer balls will last a minimum of 100 loads; for most this allows for years of use. Once the balls become dense or firm, it’s time for a new set. Don’t dispose, reincarnate. These make great dog toys, make a craft from them or cut them up for birds to use the inners to make nests. When your balls are not in use, keep them in a well-ventilated dry location and avoid storing them in plastic.


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